Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quick updates

I've helped with the school's book fair this year. Mike helped by being Clifford. The kids got their faces painted and made Clifford dog ears. It was cute, but Lydia was still afraid of Clifford, even though she knew it was her Dad. Though sweaty, Mike still enjoyed it.

The kids got into the glitter. Oh so fun. I am still trying to brush it off random clothes, vacume it out of the carpet or sweep it off the floor. (Note Colton's Batman mask)

Saturday, October 15, 2011


What is it about fall that makes you crave pumpkin? In the last few weeks I have had pumpkin fudge- to die for, pumpkin bread- oh sweet comfort, and pumpkin cheesecake- need I say more! Wow, I can't seem to get enough pumpkin in my diet this fall!
Yesterday we went to a chili cook off. So fun and festive. Colton wore a 1-piece superman costume on top of his clothes for the event. It wasn't worth the fight to get it off- so we were both happy. Today I made Colton a Batman mask to complete his batman pajama Halloween costume. He didn't think his costume was complete with a cape- it needed the mask with the trademark batman ears. I used my imagination and what I had on hand and all day today I had a little Batman hanging around my house. Is my son going to be one of those boys who really thinks he is a superhero?
Today there was a book sale at the library. I spent a lot more time there than I had anticipated. In fact, I looked at my watch, and it said it was 7:40! How could time have slipped by like that? I had gotten there around 2:30. To my relief, my watch had stopped and I had only been there an hour. As I bought my books, I was struck by just how much you can learn from a person by the books they buy. For example, in my stack of books I had children's books, a Spanish text book, a book on finance, photography, public relations, simplified music, canning, a suspense book, and several classics like "To Kill a Mocking bird." I think that says a lot about me.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy til Thanksgiving

Went to the park for a 'photo shoot' These are a few of my fav's. Haven't done any editing yet, but not bad for a quick trip.

The stitches. They are now out and you can hardly tell there was anything there- only a week later.
I love that these two are buddies. I laugh whenever Lydia is upset with Colton and she yells, "Buddy!" Seems kinds of an oxy moron to be calling those who are annoying you- Buddy.

I haven't had much free time lately, nor do I plan to have much in the near future. A part time job fell in my lap. Last week I got my first 'real job' (I don't think I would count making snow cones in high school as a real job- though fun) I will be planning a Community Thanksgiving Dinner for about 500 people. It is free to the community and they have been doing it for about 20 years, so all the framework is done. I am just pulling it all together. I even have my own office. I am very excited to get this experience and to be doing something with my degree. Actually, doing with my degree exactly what I wanted.
The Elementary Book Fair is also kicking off this week, which I have co-chaired. I've been finding sponsors and writing press releases for that. Mike is even going to dress up as Clifford the Big Red Dog. The kids are pumped. Maybe this can be the start of a new career for him. He could be a Turkey at the Thanksgiving Dinner. I'm sure he'd make a great Santa Clause.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I just felt like writing and I find I write best when I am in the mood to do it. Often I have asked myself recently, 'who is my audience' for my blog?' 'What is my objective in writing?' Sometimes it is a calendar of events, sometimes it is a mosaic for the grandparents. I want it to be for me too though. An outlet.
Last night Mike and I went to the Purdue vs. Notre Dame game. It was a blowout. We got schooled, but I still love the atmosphere- the over priced food, the painted fans, the crisp fall air, the band . . . There's nothing like a football game. The thing I reflected on the most at the game was not the score however- it was the behavior of the students. As the boys behind me let out a string of vulgarities that would make their grandma blush and the sea of students in front of me proceeded to show the Notre Dame players how they felt about them with hand gestures, I wondered about how many of those students had to live a double life- one person on the weekend and another during the week. I was glad that in my own life I have been taught to be true to myself and to not try to be two different people, but to always hold myself to a high standard. Our future does not look to bright when it is reflected at a football game. There was more. . .fights, inappropriate signs, even a 1st down cheer that includes a vulgarity. Thankfully, last night we didn't have too many first downs! Can you be a Purdue fan and still say that about your school? In summary, the game WAS fun, despite the fans who show their emotion in such a negative way. We just need to get tickets out of the student section and sit next to some cute old alumni couple who get season tickets every year for the last 20.
This post is getting long- as I said, I feel like writing. On Friday, Lydia fell and hit the corner of her eye on a chair. Be it no surprise, she required stitches. 2 of them. Pictures to follow. My accident prone little girl was very brave and I've found that Lydia's annual trips to the Urgent Care and Emergency Room no longer get me uptight. A little cut? No biggie- lets just get a towel and some books and drive on over.
I asked Lydia this morning if she had eaten breakfast. She says, "Cookies are like cereal." hhhmmm. . . It seems instead of a dozen sugar cookies, I now have a half dozen.
Do you ever learn how to do something by doing it wrong? Lydia loves to walk to her class using the crosswalk lady, but it appears I do not know how to cross the street properly because each time I have attempted, the crosswalk lady has blown her whistle at me and corrected my course- I walk too soon, I walk too close to the car drop off area . . . I think next time I might try to do a front hand spring double back flip across the road and see what she says . . .
Alright, I need to eat my own breakfast now- maybe I will polish off the sugar cookies. About the photos- I just needed to post something to make this post with all this text more visually appealing. I posted two photos from my trip to California that I edited because I love to edit and I honestly don't do it as much as I would like. I included an old photo of Mike snowmobiling because he loves it. Sometimes us Mom's and Dad's need to remember the things WE love as individuals.