Saturday, August 23, 2008

Redneck Oil Change

No, this is not some funny picture I found on the web. This my friends, was my father's ingenious idea. Perhaps he doesn't have enough to do on the farm, or perhaps he is so busy, he must think of new ways of efficiency. Either way, I got a good laugh out of it. You must be a redneck if . . .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tired Girl

This picture didn't get posted with my last post. Lydia has had a hard time adjusting to sleeping in a new place. Between that and all the excitement, she has been tired. So much so that she fell asleep at dinner. It was very funny to watch her head bobbing. I will try to post a video of it later.

Catching Up

In addition to having a new addition, we moved when Colton was a week old. Papa Hansen came to help us and was a GREAT help. He and Mike moved everything throughout the day while my mom and I organized and put things away. Things went much better than I had imagined and we are starting to feel settled in our new place. I have even managed to locate more than just the dinner plates and toilet paper. With the help of both of our mothers, we have made the apartment our home.

Lydia loves having a playground right outside our door. There are also several neighbor friends just a few doors down that she can play with. It has been great to have people from our ward close by. They have been nice enough to watch Lydia so I can get some sleep.

When Mike's mom left yesterday, she took Lydia with her back to Ohio. We are supposed to pick her up over Labor Day Weekend. She was so excited to go see "Papa" Of course the horses, four wheelers and tractors add to the appeal as well. Here is a picture of her with her blanket and all she felt she needed to take with her. A back pack full of toys, a doodle pad, and a jacket. I am going to miss my little sunshine, but I am also excited to enjoy some quiet time this next week.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Colton Michael 08-04-08

It took us forever to decide on his name! Even after the poll we did on our blog, we were still undecided. For the longest time we were going to name him William, but when he came out, it just didn't settle. In the end, Colton won the bid.

After 10 hours of labor, we were blessed with a 9 lbs and 10 oz beautiful boy! Mike and I spent the week walking and walking, but didn't seem to be making any progress. Monday morning at 1:00 A.M I started having contractions, so we went to the hospital. I was well on my way. I got an epidural and absolutely loved it! I went from incredibly irritable to extremely peaceful. It was great. My mom was able to see the birth and loved every minute of it. Labor took longer than with Lydia, but Colton also weighed 3 pounds more than she did.
Lydia seems to be adjusting well. At first the only thing that she seemed to find at all interesting about him was his toes, but since then she has taken to him and loves to rub his head.
He has a high pitch squeal and beautiful blue eyes. I am feeling quite well and can only attribute it to help from the Lord. Granted I am tired, but that just comes with motherhood I think.
In addition to all this excitement, we found out we will be moving on Tuesday, so wish us luck!

He's Here!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Still No Baby

As the title says, we are still anxiously waiting for our bundle of joy. My mom got here safe and sound, so now there is really nothing to wait for. I keep walking and praying.
And just a side note, are you ever perplexed by odd things? Like when you pour out your lucky charms, and you hardly get any marshmallows, but when your husband pours the next bowl, he gets a whole load of them? Oh the dilemmas of life!