Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Fun

This Summer, Lydia seems to have two favorite things. One is riding bikes with her friends. I never knew she could ride her tricycle so well because she has only ridden on our small back porch, but once we took her out front, she took off! Naturally, our little daredevil likes to go fast!
The other thing Lydia loves this summer is swimming. We signed her up for swim lessons, and though it was hard for her to restrain from splashing the first day, she has really got the hang of listening and having fun.
She seems kind of bored when they aren't in the water.
I finally got Colton a tie, and man did my little missionary look cute! Lydia decided to get in on the cuteness with her own tie.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Way Behind!

We have been traveling a lot lately, and in area's without internet, so here goes what has promises to be a very long update.

First- Colton is walking- everywhere. I love to watch him toddle all around the house, carrying random objects that seem to have some significance to him. Lydia is now always saying, "No baby." as she puts HER food, or HER toys on the kitchen table where he can't reach.

We went to Ohio for Lydia's birthday and Father's day. As always, it was fun. We had a joint party with her cousin who turned 4 the next week. Naturally, Lydia started out the fun with her cousins with a mud fight.

Last week we went to my families house in Idaho for the 4th of July. It was great! We spent most of the time at my parent's mosquito infested cabin at Palisades reservoir. It is BEAUTIFUL! This was our 15 minute hike. It got cut a little short- not because of the kids acting up, but because of the mosquitos.
The four wheelers were a big hit. Here is the reservoir.
My parents brought up their boat. Oh so much fun! Colton wasn't a fan of the staight, I mean life jacket, so he only went on one short ride. Lydia liked the boat, but she like being off the boat and in the water even more, despite the teeth chattering temperatures.
Lydia riding the banana boat. Mike and I rode it together and accidentally flipped it a few times. We didn't care for the cold water as much as Lydia.

Lydia enjoying the water at a dock we stopped at.
Mike wake boarding. I love that you can see snow on the mountains behind him. We both enjoyed wake boarding, but I think it was most fun for us on the banana boat. Mike rode solo and Dad tried to throw him off. We told Dad to slow down when the banana boat was vertical and all you could see was one foot sticking up in the air, but I think they were both kind of enjoying it!
The grand girls in varying stages of saying cheese.

A drunken horse or a tired grandpa- I'm not sure which.

Playing outside.
And of course the 4th of July! Dad brought a flatbed trailor to watch the fireworks so we all cuddled up in camp chairs and enjoyed some ice cream- compliments of Reed's Dairy.
Enjoying the fireworks with Grandpa.

In the afternoon we had a picnic at my aunt's house. We got a picture with most of the great grandkids. We got a family picture. Dad even had the tractor washed. (Thanks for taking them Aunt Shelly)

Lydia in the grain.
Mom and Dad- the one's who made it all possible. Thanks Mom and Dad! Hope you can recover from all the fun!
Sorry to any family and friends who we missed while we were in Idaho. We were only in Idaho Falls for about 24 hours and the rest of the time was spent in Palisades. Hopefully we can catch you next time.