Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer has officially started

 Lydia is out of school and we have been cramming in all the fun we can before it gets too hot.  Some friends from the neighborhood invited us to a Skeeter's game- semi-pro baseball. 
 The kids enjoyed the splash pad at the game, and the playground.  They really didn't watch much baseball. 
 On Memorial day it rained cats and dogs.  I experienced my first flash flood.  It was a little crazy.  But before that, on Friday, we set up the tent in the back yard and did some camping- without the crowds.  It was for the best- Josie didn't last too long in the tent so it was nice to be able to bring her in. 

 Prior to the tent, we went to a park and BBQ'd.  yummy!!  this park probably had 50+ picnic tables and only one BBQ grill.  Thankfully we got the one grill! 
 We have a shoe thief.  She is always wandering around with someone's shoes. 
 Last weekend we had SO SO much fun going to Sea World in San Antonio and meeting up with our wonderful friends, the Allens.  The kids hadn't seen their friends in a year and boy was it a happy reunion.  The Allen's children all match ours in ages and gender, so everyone has a perfect playmate. 
 Enjoying the splash pad at Sea World. 
 Colton and Isaac.  Colton told me, "Sea World is the Best place on Earth!"  Don't let Walt Disney hear you say that.  ;)
 Enjoying some sillyness with Elsie at a dolphin show. 
The girls.  The two little ones were SO cute together.  It was just like Lydia and Elsie 6 years ago.